Stories of Impact!

Impact of Projects on Public Health (download PDF version)

  • ‘Since the initiation of my project at a community health center serving a primarily Hispanic population in Tulsa, OK, pap smear rates there have significantly increased. HPV vaccine rates are also trending upward. The impact of this project on Tulsa’s Hispanic community will hopefully continue to grow after the completion of my practicum through further recommendations I have made to the center.’
  • ‘The data I collected in my project will help in more accurate estimation of Hepatitis C in Native Americans, an underserved population.’
  • ‘This project will highlight the lessons learned by participating organizations in the PHAB accreditation process. Each organization has unique features and may have encountered different strengths and challenges from the process which will be useful for other Oklahoma health departments who have participated in the PHAB accreditation process.’
  • ‘My analysis of the data I collected during my project will help better inform public health policy involving food pantries across Oklahoma to reduce health disparities.’
  • ‘My project identified a need for directed tobacco cessation education for Oklahomans with severe mental illness.’

Impact of Stipend on Students

  • All projects were unpaid, other than the PHTC stipend. Some students also had to take time away from employment positions to pursue their project. The stipends were crucial in offsetting the financial burden incurred.
  • Students are using stipend funds to travel to conferences to present and improve their work, and to gain further training to help better serve the different projects’ target populations.

Student Stipend Awardees

Impact of Projects on Students

  • Students were very happy to be able to work directly with underserved populations in their communities and throughout the state.
  • They also learned new qualitative and quantitative research and analysis techniques that they will be able to use throughout their public health careers.
  • Their experiences in working on their projects led students to adopt what they learned into their future career plans.
  • Some students were offered full-time post-matriculation employment as a direct result of their project experiences.