Fall 2017

1. Step-Up For Dementia Care Project: The Public Health Training Center was awarded funding by the Civil Monetary Revolving Fun (63-1-107.4) grant number 3409021915, Office of Protective Health services, Oklahoma State Department of Health to implement a hands-on training that builds empathy and improves skills for dementia care. Learn more here

2. OPHTC staff have poster presentation accepted at the 77th (2017) Oklahoma Public Health Association Annual Conference. Download

Summer 2017

We are moving into our new space on the 2nd floor of the OUHSC College of Public Health. In another month, these offices will be open for business. Watch for an Open House date!

With support from the Tulane SCPHTC, the OPHTC was able to offer stipends to five students. Their special projects are either underway or completed! Congratulations! *Read About Our Stories of Impact*

Spring 2017

The OPHTC is pleased to welcome Munim Deep adn Sameer Gopalani to our team as graduate research assistants. Both are doctoral students with the Dept of Biostatistics and Epidemiology and both are fantastic. This spring and summer, we are focused on completing new training courses for the South Central Public Health Training Center's new Learning Management System. Our courses are Data Into Action, Tribal Behavioral Health, and Aging and Behavioral Health. We will highlight them when they go live.

July 15, 2016

Tulane University's School of Public Health hosts the HRSA funded, "Region 6 South Central Public Health Training Center." Check out their excellent newsletters! The Oklahoma PHTC is a "local performance site" in partnership with Tulane University.

June 30, 2016

Dr. Daniel Boatright retires from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, College of Public Health. His tremendous contributions date back to before the College was in the current building. He was the founding director of the Oklahoma Public Health Training Center. Best wishes, Daniel, Professor Emeritus.

Jan 13-16, 2016

The January 2016 joint workshop with Tulane University (PI site) and Local Performance Sites was a huge success for bringing new people up-to-date and focusing attention on remaining activities for the grant year. Group and individual achievements and remaining responsiblities were reported and timelines were revisited. The important work of purposefully aligning our work with that of HRSA, CDC, and other major stakeholders was completed.

Region 6 South Central Public Health Training Center photo.

Jan 31, 2016

Dr. Tall Chief retires and Ms Burton shifts her focus to other career paths. Best wishes, Vicki, Professor Emeritus. Read all about it HERE!