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Needs Assessment

Information about the 2019 Needs Assessment: The Region 6 South Central Public Health Training Center (R6SCPHTCuses needs assessments to inform the development of online trainings tailored to the HRSA Region 6 health and public health workforce.  In Oklahoma, we distributed the 2019 needs assessments along with our multi-state R6SCPHTC partners to identify training needs in our stateThe survey asked about work experience and environment, training needs, access and logistics, demographic information, and resources. One section of the survey was specific to community health workers (CHWs), including community health representatives (CHRs).

Summary of Results: The findings related to CHWs/CHRs were published by the Oklahoma State Medical Association Journal in 2001 (See link below). We developed an infographic that gives a quick overview of the CHW/CHR specific findings. Currently, the overall survey findings are being prepared for publication.

Online Access to Publications: