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This Coalition is a Community of Interest, i.e. a community that is broad, non-place based, and that is "a multidimensional/dynamic whole, or system, of which we are a part" (Minkler 2012:80). The community members are CHWs, or engage with community health workers (CHWs) through their work and interests. The Oklahoma CHW Coalition members

  • Work on projects, funded or not, that focus on or utilize CHWs;
  • Currently are hiring new CHWs (mostly with a focus on addressing COVID-19);
  • Are interested in collaborating as organizations with CHWs;
  • Collaborate with community partners through CHWs;
  • Document outcomes (including social determinants of health and health equity) and Return on Investment (ROI) of CHW programs to show their value;
  • Are interested in building a sustainable CHW workforce in Oklahoma through CHW participation, training, certification, strategic placement (hotspots), and reimbursement;
  • Value CHW engagement and leadership; and
  • Invite additional stakeholders to the table.

Follow the links to find previous CHW coalition meeting presentations and notes. 

21 August 2021

18 November 2021

16 December 2021

4 February 2022

6 April 2022

8 June 2022

6 July 2022

3 August 2022

7 September 2022

5 October 2022

7 December 2022


Capture637919766855784934 Final Report of the Community Health Worker COVID-19 Impact Survey 2022: Oklahoma Results

This report shares the findings of the second iteration of the survey distributed in Oklahoma in March/April 2022. The mixed quantitative/qualitative survey examined CHW experiences and perceptions during the pandemic with a focus on changes to workforce and training needs, and priority needs of CHWs and the communities they serve. This study documented the flexibility of this trusted workforce to serve their communities, CHW knowledge of community needs, and CHW training needs for continued and future public health emergency responses.


Capture637598928172458562   Final Report of the Community Health Worker COVID-19 Impact Survey: Oklahoma Results 

This report shares the findings of the survey distributed in Oklahoma in January 2021. It provides insights into how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted CHWs in Oklahoma both professionally and personally, shares CHW observations about community concerns, and identifies CHW training needs for future public health emergency responses. This study is a replication of the 2020 CHW COVID-19 Impact Survey distributed in Texas during the summer of 2020.


Capture637598918052380566   The Final Report of the Community Health Worker COVID-19 Impact Survey: Texas Results & Methodology

shares the results of the survey distributed in Texas in the summer of 2020. The goal of sharing this report is to support the CHW workforce by (1) Documenting the work of CHWs during the pandemic, (2) Informing future training opportunities, and (3) Preparing CHWs for future public health emergencies.



Publications & Presentations


Lederer A, Todd Barrett K, Shorter C, Kenefick HW, Kulik PKG, Morales M, Reinschmidt KM, Shrestha S. Public Health Training Centers’ Support for Community Health Workers: Case Studies of Needs Assessment, Training, and Student Field Placement Initiatives.” Journal of Public Health Management & Practice 2022 September/October;28(5, Supp):S212-S222.  Available the full article here or see this blog on this article in Promoting Your Article on JPHMP Direct.

Reinschmidt KM, Dudubo OO, Shorter CF, Dickens RD, New M, Rask P, Teasdale, TA. A Snapshot of Oklahoma's CHR/CRW Workforce: Results from the Region 6 Training Needs Assessment Survey 2019. Journal of Oklahoma State Medical Association. July/August 2021; 114(4): 173-182.


2019 OPHA Conference: A Snapshot of the Oklahoma Community Health Worker Workforce: Results from the Region 6 Training Needs Assessment Survey, 2019 (Poster) 

2019 poster

2018 OPHA Conference: Oklahoma Public Health Training Center (Poster) 

2018 poster

2017 OPHA Conference: Training opportunities available through the Oklahoma Public Health Training Center and the Region 6 South Central Public Health Training Center (Poster)

2017 Poster

Resources in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has developed videos about CHWs. Please click here to view.

Community Health Workers’ Impact on Public Health

Hosted by OPHA for 2022 National Public Health Week

CHW Image

Recording of the Event

The Oklahoma Community Health Worker Forum Series 2021 will have two tracks: one for CHWs, and one for CHW Stakeholders. All sessions will be held virtually and will be recorded. Please see the flyer below for topics and dates. To access the webinar recording on a separate page, click here. 

CHW Forum 2 Flyer



The Oklahoma Public Health Association's CHW Section has developed an infographic to share its achievements since its inception in 2019! The OPHTC strongly supports the CHW Section. Have a look at the infographic here.


The Oklahoma Intertribal Diabetes Coalition (OIDC) hosts a community health representative (CHR) training each February. Find out more about the OIDC here .