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The Oklahoma Community Health Worker (CHW) Coalition

The OK CHW Coalition is funded by the OSCTR Community Engaged Research Exploratory (CERE) Awards, October 2021-June 2023. The coalition's goal is to develop a statewide, sustainable CHW infrastructure in Oklahoma by (1) establishing and convening a statewide coalition of diverse stakeholders, and (2) developing a strategic plan, the Oklahoma State Plan for a Sustainable CHW Infrastructure

This Coalition is a Community of Interest, i.e. a community that is broad, non-place based, and that is "a multidimensional/dynamic whole, or system, of which we are a part" (Minkler 2012:80). The community members are CHWs, or engage with community health workers (CHWs) through their work and interests. The Oklahoma CHW Coalition members

  • Work on projects, funded or not, that focus on or utilize CHWs;
  • Currently are hiring new CHWs (mostly with a focus on addressing COVID-19);
  • Are interested in collaborating as organizations with CHWs;
  • Collaborate with community partners through CHWs;
  • Document outcomes (including social determinants of health and health equity) and Return on Investment (ROI) of CHW programs to show their value;
  • Are interested in building a sustainable CHW workforce in Oklahoma through CHW participation, training, certification, strategic placement (hotspots), and reimbursement;
  • Value CHW engagement and leadership; and
  • Invite additional stakeholders to the table.

The OK CHW Coalition Vision and Mission were developed in February 2022:

Vision: CHWs as trusted advocates for equitable, healthy communities

Mission: Our Coalition's mission is to build a sustainable CHW infrastructure to empower Oklahomans to receive equitable health and social services to achieve their optimal state of health and well-being.